Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Family Photos

Thanksgiving 2012
My 30th Birthday
Pictures of our beautiful, growing family.  I love these two (and one on the way) so very much!

20 week sonogram

Our doctor's office acquired new technology that allows them to generate 3d/4d sonograms.  During the routine 20 anatomy sonogram, the tech scored a little 3d/4d time for us.  Here is the gem from the experience.  This sweet little face is what we've been gazing at since.  The significance of it is, really that this tiny baby has such a resemblance for her older sister.  This sonogram photo looks very much like a photo we have of Jona taken at 30 weeks.  We are so looking forward to meeting this little girl.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Magnets are this girl's best friend

The Westshore Crawl

Ryan and I sort of fell into this very granola existence that has progressively transitioned more and more into a simplistic lifestyle.  For starters, I live so close to the school that I work at that I walk to work everyday, just after I stroll Jona over to daycare that is next door to my school.  We also walk to shop at the Farmer's Market down Westshore, frequent our favorite establishments just outside the entrance of our neighborhood and have 3 grocery stores and a Walmart within a two mile radius from our home.  The convenience of South Tampa!  

Ryan and I both sort of grew up where you had to drive everywhere.  I grew up in a very rural area of N. Florida and we had one grocery store my entire childhood up until I left for college.  Ryan, on the other hand, grew up in Tampa.  Its more spaced out area that requires a little driving so, not quite a bumpkin as my experience! 

Of course convenience comes with drawbacks.  I'd be surprised to find a livable 3/2 home with a garage for under $350,000 in the area.   At times, the layout of house drives me nuts!  There is no storage in our house.  The closets are tiny, the bathrooms are TINY and I know at some point we will out grow this sweet little house. Someday we will leave our little S. Tampa niche but I want to forget what happy little existence we have here :)  We have had so much fun down here in S. Tampa. 

We try to take our dogs to the track as often as possible to burn off some energy.  It's pretty much our neighborhood dog park.   What a good daddy checking on his baby girl :)

 At last, they are pooped after bolting around the track.  Maniacs!!

 Jona, Ryan and I grabbing a slice of pizza at Westshore Pizza... best white tomato pizza ever!!

 Mommy & baby :) 

Family outing with JP & Carolina trying out Brew Burgers.. yumm!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

From steps to strides

You may ask yourself, "why am I seeing a picture of Jona's backside in this photo?"  Well, I want to share with you what we often view of our little one as she scurries around the house.  I love watching her balance her teetering little body as she carries her favorite items around.  More More photos of our walking little one soon to follow :)

Hot water is a must!

I learned a few weekends ago how much I love my hot water.  Our 1950's home had a few major updates previous to purchase however, a few major updates still lingered.  We've updated all the plumbing out of the house (inside the house was replaced before we bought the house.. thank goodness!)  We've replaced the AC unit which works like a charm.  I've never been so cold at 76 degrees in my life!  And at long last, our little water heater that could finally called it quits.  The coolest thing we learned about this little 2-3 person water heater.. it's from 1997-ish!  It was only suppose to last for 6-10 years.  After a week or so of on again, off again warm water the faucet turned frigid and we had had enough! Oh, the joys of home ownership and ownership of an older home at that :)  

Well until next time, cheers to you all!  
PS.. isn't she a beaut?!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Nursing School Graduation

Look at that 'fro!  Well, Ryan was easy to spot last Wednesday as he entered the auditorium for nursing school graduation.  I was filled with anticipation and hope as I watched Ryan walk in and seriously, he was easy to find!  At last, I will have my husband home and free of school worries!!!  Since June of 2011, we have gone through continuous 36 hour cycles of not seeing each other.  To say its been easy would just not be honest at all.   Despite all of that, Ryan was always a joy to come home to (and vise versa) and we made the most of our time.   I'm so very proud of my husband!

                                                    Family Photo!

Ryan's good friend Nick from nursing school!  How cute are those uniforms?

Our beautiful baby girl.  Ryan and his classmates said they could hear Jona throughout the ceremony chatting away.  Jona's a talker!

                                 And a sigh of relief..

For the rest of the year, I want to try to post once a week or so to remember all the fun stuff we are up to for the rest of the year!  At last :)  Let the good times roll...